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How Your Success or Failure Will Generate Interest

National Achievers CongressThis article is sponsored by Success Resources America’s National Achievers Congress. The organization exists to support individuals, enterprises, and groups through education and North America’s largest personal and business development company.

Do you want to create wealth and be financially secure? Then you need to make interest work for you, and not against you. Interest will either create wealth for you, or it will rob you blind.

If you have a balance on your credit card, every month your credit card company adds interest to the amount you owe. Then they charge you interest on your balance plus more interest. It just keeps growing. It’s a monster.

If you carry a balance of $5,000 over ten years at 22% interest, you’ll pay $44,235 to your credit card company. That’s crazy. You’ll never reach your goals doing that.

Making Interest Work For You

You need to flip the equation. Instead of paying interest to make your bank rich, collect interest and make some money for yourself. Here’s an example, if you put 1,000 dollars in an account that earns 6% interest, your money will double in 12 years even if you never make another move. Doubling your money is pretty good, right? But if you add just a tiny bit, say $3 a day, you won’t have $2,000. You’ll have $23,000! Just by adding a few bucks a day. Now you’re on your way to some real money.

Get The Motivation You Need

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