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Taste of South Korea at Gangneung Seongnam fish market

GANGNEUNG, South Korea — During the afternoons along the eastern coast of South Korea, you’ll find just about everything at the Gangneung Seongnam market. And by everything, I mean everything — purses and hats, jackets and shirts, fish and meat — like an open-air South Korean Costco.

It’s a bustling scene above ground, but below street level is where the action really happens.

There’s fresh fish, right out of the water today — and in some cases still in the water.

There’s some dried fish here, some whole fish. A row of fresh crab legs and what looks like a big octopus tentacle. And something that I don’t even know what it is — but someone is cooking it up and eating it.

Every kind of fish you can imagine…and some you can’t.

You can get something to take home or you can pick something out and have it cooked to order right at the market.

We clearly have no idea what we’re doing, but thankfully no one seems to mind.

We meet three PyeongChang volunteers, who thankfully offer to help us sort this all out.

One points out a fish that’s being cut up, describing it as delicious and tasting like jelly.

I love seafood as much as anyone, but this is a little adventurous for me. Especially this octopus, the prize of the market — still moving.


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