List of security priorities, measures for most of Utah’s school districts

Mar 22, 2018, 11:29 PM | Updated: Aug 13, 2018, 7:14 pm

UTAH – Here is a list of the security priorities and measures for most of Utah’s school districts:

1. Alpine District
a. Building improvements across the district include secure front entries, card access systems and security cameras
b. New district safety director (former police officer) hired in 2017
c. Standard Response Protocol adopted so all agencies and schools are on the same page in the event of an emergency
d. School Resource Officers in all secondary schools and determining ways to have officers visible in all elementary schools as well
e. SafeUT partner
f. 2017-2018 School Year security upgrades at elementary schools include security cameras, buzz-in systems, keyless entries, and more at a cost of nearly $700 thousand

2. Beaver District
a. Remodel and relocation of administration space in high schools to increase safety and security
b. Increased use of surveillance cameras
c. Currently researching the best way to secure classroom doors
d. Focus on student/staff relationships so that each student has an adult they trust and can go to if threatened, discouraged, angry, etc.
e. Active shooter drills held for teachers, staff and sheriff’s deputies.

3. Box Elder District

4. Cache District
a. Elementary school snow have a single point of entry to provide maximum student protection. All other doors remain locked and may only be opened by a staff member key
b. All classroom doors can now be locked from the inside by teachers
c. School Resource Officers at each high school. SRO’s also visit elementary and middle schools to provide appropriate training and establish positive relationships with students
d. Implemented an Emergency Communication System improving the ability of school personnel and law enforcement to communicate during an emergency
e. Regular drills are held to ensure students and stuff know how to respond to emergency situations
f. SafeUT partner
g. Seeking input from students, parents, staff and community to evaluate current safety measures

5. Canyons District
a. Armed School Resource Officer assigned to every school (16 total officers for the district)
b. Recently updated all crisis-response plans
c. All schools practice lockdown and shelter-in-place drills throughout the year
d. Elementary and middle school students participate in these drills at least once a month. High schools hold quarterly drills
e. Focus on changing school culture. Trained counselors are assigned to every school to support staff in reinforcing positive behavior
f. SafeUT partner
g. Secure vestibules are being installed at schools to force visitors to go into the main office and check in before being approved to enter the school. Designs for new schools and schools being renovated call for secure vestibules
h. Schools are being rebuilt with seismic controls, state-of-the-art surveillance systems, and automatic locks. We strive to locate schools out of visibility of main roads and landscapes so that playgrounds are shielded and people can’t easily see inside the school, while employees working inside have a clear line of sight down the halls, and to the parking lot and front entrance. We also strategically locate entryways and exits.
i. Emergency Management Committee formed to review and refine the crisis-response plan

6. Carbon District
a. Reconstructing school entrances to be more secure with one single point of entry and routing through the main office before gaining access to student areas
b. SafeSchools training program purchased – Active shooter, crisis response and recover, emergency operations planning, family reunification, threat assessment, school intruders and visual weapons screening trainings will be conducted
c. Regular lockdown and evacuation drills

7. Daggett District
a. Upcoming safety committee review will look at protocols, training, emergency drills, challenges with securing older buildings, remoteness and emergency response time concerns and coordination with local agencies
b. Collecting input from community councils, teachers, parents, and students to present a plan and budget request for improvements to the Board of Education.

8. Davis District
a. Newly created committees to focus on improving security in buildings, standard response protocols, collaboration with law enforcement and student responsive services
b. In recent weeks district representatives have received law enforcement led trainings

9. Duchesne District

10. Emery District
All 20 schools have new campus-wide surveillance systems
New School Resource Officer for secondary schools
New elementary school counselor and social worker hired this year
Testing a keypad door-lock system at one middle school
CO2 detectors are being added at each school
Installing fire alarm systems that automatically alert law enforcement and first responders
SafeUT partner
On top of annual emergency drills, each school conducts at least one drill with law enforcement and first responders
School emergency plans are updated and evaluated annually

11. Garfield District

12. Grand District
Upgrading, repairing and adding cameras to cover all exterior entrances to schools.
All exterior doors at schools are secured during the day and entrance to the buildings is funneled through the front offices
Team assembled to develop relationships with at-risk students and collaborate on resources for them
School Resource Officer stationed at the high school and available to all schools
Regular emergency drills
Monthly review of emergency procedures with local law enforcement

13. Granite District
computer sign in system that does background check on visitors
passed bond to help pay for security upgrades
working to retrofit every elementary with buzz in/locked doors

14. Iron District
Focus on mental health and trauma-informed practices. This includes wellness rooms for students to take a self-designated time out to visit with school personnel (i.e. counselors, social workers, etc.)
Collaboration with community mental health agencies
Additional School Resource Officer added this year
Annual review of emergency policies and procedures
Lockdown levels and procedures reviewed annually in every school and posted in every classroom
SafeUT partner
10-year plan for building security funding priorities

15. Jordan District
doubled security cameras in every building
Elementary entryways secure, ½ jr highs completed, will soon begin high school entries
regular lockdown/lockout drills
quarterly safety audits

16. Juab District
ALERT coalition made up of emergency responders, fire department, law enforcement, and more. This group assesses and plans emergency response drills and staff and student trainings and is working to strategize future building improvements
The district, Nephi City Police and Juab County share the cost of a School Resource Officer
Focus on mental health and student well being with the help of the Local Interagency Council. This group includes school board members, juvenile justice, police, sheriff, emergency, mental health, social services and others to discuss issues in the community and connect with students in crisis

17. Kane District
Single access entry with additional exterior doors locked for safety
Anonymous reporting through the SafeUT app
Emergency responder app for all building administrators to allow immediate school lockdown notifications to faculty and law enforcement
Lockdown drills practiced in all schools on a regular basis
Law enforcement access to every door in the district
Police dispatch access to the schools’ security cameras
District bus communication with law enforcement
Monthly meetings with local administrations and law enforcement
Plans under review to address VHS and KHS entry access
Plans in place to replace security cameras at VHS
Certified behavioral health counselor available to students in all schools

18. Logan City District
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports – Our first step to keeping students safe is to provide a safe, secure environment with clear expectations for appropriate behavior
School Drills – Regular emergency drills including shelter-in-place and building evacuations
Hope Squads – Student groups trained to recognize the signs of emotional distress in their peers and then help those peers interact with educators in order to access mental health support they need. We have trained counselors and social workers in our schools
SafeUT partner
DIR-S – Program allowing rapid communication between school staff and first responders in case of an emergency. The map function also allows school staff to make informed decisions regarding their response to emergencies, particularly when and how to evacuate a classroom

19. Millard District
Working to establish single points of entry in all schools
All employees wear identification
All interior classroom doors are now equipped with locks that can be locked from inside the classroom
All exterior doors have electronic locks
Regular meetings with law enforcement to review safety practices and procedures
School cameras are accessible to law enforcement
School Resource Officers work closely with school safety committes
Employees are trained in emergency procedures
Regular emergency drills
Preventative measures include Hope Squads to assist students who may struggle, SafeUT, and school counselors.

20. Morgan District
Morgan School District Safety Committee formed. Members include administrators, teachers, counselors, and community council members. Committee will meet monthly starting April 12.
SafeUT partner
Standard Response Protocols put in place across the district
District emergency plan located at

21. Murray District
Surveillance cameras around buildings
Outer doorways at schools are secured
3 School Resource Officers based in secondary schools and assigned to additionally cover all 7 elementary schools
District Safety Committee comprised of school personnel, parents and Murray City First Responders, reviews and updates our emergency management procedures in an ongoing manner. All School Safety Plans have been distributed to all Murray City First Responders (fire, police), district office administrators, principals and teachers.
Reunification drill training
Active shooter and combat casualty training for principals and administrators. This training will be presented in each school by Murray Police next year
School specific safety plans include lockdown and evacuation procedures, assignment responsibilities during a crisis and emergency contacts
All schools conduct regular drills for emergencies. 8-9 times a year in elementary schools. 5-6 times a year in secondary schools

22. Nebo District

23. North Sanpete District
Board has approved entry buzz systems with video and intercom for schools where the secretary cannot monitor the main entry
All employee training scheduled for this year

24. North Summit District
Increasing law enforcement presence around schools in addition to current School Resource Officer
Elementary school is now locked and visitors have to “buzz in” to enter
Reduced access points in middle and high schools – looking to completely lock them in the next few weeks
Hoping to find extra funding for an SRO in every building, all day
Neighborhood Watch Program being organized by PTAs and Community Councils to have volunteers patrol campuses during the day

25. Ogden City District
Discussing safety in new construction designs
Looking at main entry door locks and entries that direct visitors to the main office before gaining access to student areas

26. Park City District
$3 million redirected this year to redesign all front offices
Implementing a visitor management system in all schools
Safety review conducted by Tresit Group. Report can be found on district website
2-way texting alert system (PCSD Chat)
Law enforcement partnerships, increased presence in schools

27. Piute District
Upcoming mock school shooting drill to happen April 25 with all teachers and staff involved.
Each school will develop a “crisis team”
Working on central entrances at all schools
Hoping to add two-way radios to every classroom

28. Provo District
Check-in procedures in place at all schools
Security cameras at all schools
Keyless doors
New schools designed with secure entryways that route visitors through the main office
Budget planning underway to upgrade security at older schools
Increased the number of district social workers
Hired family liasons to work with students and families to provide needed resources
Safety Committee formed from local law enforcement, counselors, city agencies and administrators
Crisis Response Plans in all schools
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (P.B.I.S.) system to positively impact students and school culture. Through this program, schools are actively and consciously encouraging care and awareness among students and staff.

29. Rich District

30. Salt Lake District
Installing doorbell systems in all elementary schools
All entryways can be locked by school personnel
Principals conduct monthly safety drills

31. San Juan District

32. Sevier District
24/7 interior and exterior surveillance systems
4 School Resource Officers employed
Perimeter fencing where appropriate
Created crisis management and intervention teams in all schools
Safe UT partner
Precision Responder App which gives all staff at the school a panic button to call 911
Regular lockdown and intruder drills
Ongoing safety training for employees
“Crisis Plans” for each school
New elementary school counselor hired in 2016-2017

33. South Sanpete District

34. South Summit District
Increased Sheriff’s office presence and patrols
Push buttons & surveillance cameras to request entry
Recent hands-on active shooter training with staff
Regular lockdown drills
SafeUT partner

35. Tintic District

36. Tooele District
Added $250 thousand for safety and security upgrades this year
Adding School Resource Officers
Installing gun safes in certain schools for SRO’s
Installing classroom door locks
Implementing a K-12 visitor/volunteer management system
Law enforcement led trainings with staff
De-escalation training for all educators
Reunification Drills
Updating and installing new security camera systems
Looking to add counselors to every elementary school and additional school psychologists throughout the district
Students will be invited to service on the district safety committee

37. Uintah District
Purchasing ballistic film for glass door systems
Front entries funny all students and visitors through the main office after school begins
School Resource Officers at all secondary schools
Monthly crisis scenario discussions with administrators
Monthly safety drills

38. Wasatch District
Now has a full-time law enforcement officer dedicated to protecting students at each school including elementary schools. An additional officer has been added to Wasatch High School (WHS now has 2 full-time officers)
School entries are being retrofitted with buzz-in systems equipped with cameras and electronic door locks
Full time counselors at every school including elementary schools. Counselors are supported by additional mental health professionals including a licensed social worker, licensed mental health therapist and two school psychologists
Staff has received additional training on multiple emergency procedures including active threats to student safety
Newly organized School Safety Commission will begin meeting next week and will seek innovated and proven strategies to increase student health and safety and make recommendations to the school board by June 2018. This commission includes parents, educators, law enforcement leadership and more

39. Washington District
Dedicated school resource officer in every secondary school in the district
Safety committee meets monthly with local law enforcement
Regular safety trainings for staff
Currently discussing additional safety improvement options to be included in the next school bond

40. Wayne District
a. Currently hiring an additional counselor for the district
b. School Resource Officer for middle and high school
c. Law enforcement led training for teachers with concealed carry permits
d. Anti-bullying education

41. Weber District
Implementing Standard Response Protocols and training and performing drills throughout the year
Enhancing security camera systems. Currently the district has more than 1,000 cameras installed
School Resource Officer assigned to every secondary school
School doors locked with limited access to only front entries and offices
SafeUT partner
Developing Threat Assessment Teams
Reviewing fire alarm evacuation procedures

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List of security priorities, measures for most of Utah’s school districts