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Aid Amidst the Storm: The volunteers who helped disaster victims

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The LDS Community Reaching Out to Help Those in Need

Florida, Texas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, California—the list of areas affected by disasters in the past year is overwhelming.

Each location was impacted in different ways, but one thing all had in common: Mormon volunteers came to offer aid. See the amazing contributions the LDS community made for those in need during natural disasters on KSL TV’s Aid Amidst the Storm documentary.

Whether in a sea of yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests, or just neighbor to neighbor, members joined other volunteers to provide support.

In terrible times, these brave souls chose to leave everyday life behind and help the areas and people battered by the hurricanes that tore through large areas of the United States and Mexico, and the wildfires that blazed in California.

See the heartwarming connections these volunteers made as they answered the call to serve amid the storm.

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