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In God We Trust: Creating A Statement of Patriotism

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Patriotism for the Land of the Free

Kyle Fox is defined by his patriotism, service, and love of God. He’s an everyday citizen who during a time when divisions are strong and many have lost hope, felt compelled to create a project that unites people around a common symbol of freedom.

The KSL-TV documentary In God We Trust shows how Fox set to work creating the largest free-flying American flag in the United States, then flew it across an 1,100 foot canyon near his home.

His desire was to inspire greater patriotism in others and to strengthen the love of country within his community.

His Follow The Flag Project has become more than he could have imagined. It has impacted thousands and has helped military families heal.

Fox believes we all have a responsibility to be courageous, to speak out and to have hope. This program shares the faces, places and inspiring stories surrounding this project.

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