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Awesome Kitchen Knife Skills
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3 Knife Tips That Will Make You Look Like A Pro

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You know a kitchen pro when you see one.  The way they use their tools really shows the time they spend at their craft.

It’s time to show how much effort you put into your own food.  Here are three quick tips that will help you show off your experience and skills.

Watch Heather Smith and Candace Heward of Orson Gygi demonstrate these tips on KSL TV’s Studio 5.

Wreck That Onion

Onions are hard to chop.  They’re round, slippery, and quickly fall into a million pieces as you slice.

Try this, cut it in half and lay the halves flat side down.  The trick is keeping the root tip intact, that will keep it from falling apart as you slice.  Slice down to the tip (again, be careful not to slice through), then slice across creating small pieces.

This method will not only be faster and easier, the pieces will all be the same size.  Uniform pieces are important in cooking so you don’t overcook or undercook large or small pieces.

Conquer Carrots

Carrots are tricky.  They roll easily, and because they’re so small it’s easy to feel vulnerable to the blade.  First, cut the carrot into manageable lengths.  This will be easier and safer.  Second, slice off one side of the carrot lengthwise.  You don’t have to cut much, just enough to give yourself a more stable, flat surface.

Then chop as desired.

Following this tip for carrots will help you keep your food from rolling out of control and maybe endangering one of your fingers.

Gut A Grapefruit

This actually works for all citrus.

Slice off both ends, and use a serrated knife to remove the skin and pith.  With a paring knife, cut into each segment to the membrane.  Then turn the knife to follow the membrane and cut back out.  This will give you perfect wedges of citrus.

After you’re finished, you can also give the fruit a good squeeze and get the last of the juice out.  You’ll get more juice than you think because the skin and pith won’t be in the way.


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