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Watch D.O.G.S. act as positive role models for kids

SANDY — There’s a positive trend sweeping through many elementary schools across Utah, and it involves a group of dads.

It’s a group called the Watch D.O.G.S., which stands for “Dads of Great Students.” They’re dads who spend an entire day at school, spending time with the kids.

At Sandy’s Crescent Elementary School, it’s just another regular day in class, but what makes it a little more special is who’s there to help out.

Jeff Jaramillo and Wes Tillman are just two of many dads who call themselves the Watch Dogs.

“I came into it thinking, what can we do to help the kids be safer?” Jaramillo says.

“Jeff actually brought me out, says, ‘You got to try this, you got to do it. It’s super fun, the kids love it,” Tillman says.

There are hundreds of Watch D.O.G.S. that volunteer at many schools across the country.

They each set aside one day to spend the entire school day with the kids. They help out in class and even spend time on the playground.

“These dads come in, and they high five them. They’re that positive interaction these kids may not get on a day-to-day basis,” Principal Camie Montague says.

Security is part of the job, but more importantly, it’s about being a positive role model — and at times, settling disputes on the playground.

“It’s to help teach the other kids to go be accepting and inviting,” Jaramillo says.

“Every school can have at least one dad — two dads would be ideal here every day,” Tillman says. “I mean, can you imagine the difference it would make in all these schools?

Spending that quality time with the kids can make a big difference later in life.

“Do it, and I promise you your kid’s going to love it. You’re going to buy into their education, you’re going to start doing homework with them at night, you’re going to be more involved. I’m going to promise you that. It’s just good all around.

A High 5 is definitely in order.

Great Clips donated several hundred free haircuts to all the volunteers — thanks dads!

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