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President Nelson’s world tour begins in England

London – LDS Church President Russell M. Nelson hinted at a second trip on day one of his world tour in London on Thursday.

“We’ll do all we can in two weeks, and we’ll go home and rest for a while. Then tackle another journey.”

Before meeting with members and missionaries, President Nelson explained his reasons for going on tour to KSL’s Carole Mikita.

“This is a global work,” he said. “Whenever I’m comfortably situated in my home, I’m in the wrong place. I need to be where the people are. I need to bring them the message of the Savior.”

First to receive that message on this trip were thousands of missionaries serving in the British Isles. During a meeting broadcast to all missions, the President and Sister Nelson along with Elder and Sister Holland gave advice and encouragement to the missionaries.

“This is not something you check off on your list of things to do,” Elder Holland said as he instructed the elders and sisters to remember what they learn on their missions forever. “This is a conversion that is to be deep in the marrow of your bones and in your soul forever.”

In recounting a childhood experience of looking at a picture puzzle in the “Children’s Friend,” a church magazine, Sister Wendy Nelson explained, “You have been given the greatest assignment. Can you find the children of Israel?”

President Nelson led a discussion with missionaries sharing ideas for initiating discussions about the church. He called on them to love without limits.

“Don’t let anyone feel left out like they’re all alone in the world; like they have no hope. Nothing to look forward to in life because the love of the Lord will bring them opportunities,” he said. “It will give them life.”

Sister Tasha Gregson felt inspired to finish the final weeks of her mission.

“It was incredible how President Nelson was able to address the concern that I specifically had about improving our teaching skills,” she said. “I’m really grateful for that.”

President Nelson and Elder Holland also met with a handful of families from the London area, shaking hands and sharing smiles. Brother Nairo Vargas, his wife, two daughters and two sons were greeted by President Nelson who took a moment to pose for a picture with the young boys.

“I didn’t expect that was going to happen in my entire life,” Vargas said afterward. “For me, it was absolutely shocking.”

During an evening devotional with local members, President Nelson gave more detail about the change to the church’s former Home and Visiting Teaching programs, now called Ministering.

“You find someone who is having a bad day or has had some bad news and take care of them,” he said. “I call it a higher and holier way of loving our neighbor.”

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