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Utah hit with winter-like spring storm

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Even in the rain and sleet, you can almost always find someone at Liberty Park. Cramer Tolboe said he and his especially energetic labrador retriever puppy are there everyday, rain or shine.

“We do this every single day for half an hour,” Tolboe said. “The weather doesn’t bother her, so I can’t let it bother me.”

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Just around the corner, a couple of surveyors were out in winter gear, gathering data for a nearby future construction site.

“We live in a desert. Anytime you get moisture, we’re really excited,” one said. “It’s Utah, so you know, it could be snowing one minute and raining the next minute, or sleet like it is right now. We don’t care.”

Tolboe came prepared, dressed in a winter coat, with snow pants and boots. Having grown up in Utah, he says he’s come to expect the occasional springtime storm.

“You’re at the foot of the mountains, and one day it’s 69, and the next it’s 39,” Tolboe said. “I think it’s typical for the mountain spring. Park City will go through this for four to six weeks, and we deal with it in April.”

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