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How to prepare for possible car crash to keep your kids safe

Imagine the scenario: You are driving with your kids, and all of the sudden an accident out of nowhere. We never think it will happen to us.

But it does. A 3-year-old just died in a multi-vehicle crash in Provo. And last week a 5-month-old was killed when a man barreled through an intersection in Herriman, crashing into two cars.

It brings about reminders from experts about what every parent should do if they have small children.

A simple piece of paper with key information could have huge impacts if parents aren’t able to communicate with first responders and the kids are simply too young.

If you’re ever in an accident and your child is in the back seat, here’s some information firefighters and EMS officials would like to see about a child if, for some reason, the child or the parents cannot communicate:

  • A first and last name for the child
  • The date of birth
  • The name of the parents and their birthdays
  • If the child has any allergies or is on any medications
  • If a child cannot speak
  • An emergency contact — someone who would likely not be in the car in the event of an accident

These few pieces of information taped to the side of the car seat could actually save their lives.

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