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‘Cowboy singer’ performs to help kids suffering from illness

Brinn Hill

Brenn Hill is a professional singer-songwriter. If you ask him, he’s a cowboy singer.

His songs are connected to the land and written from the heart — like one called “Power of Prayer.”

Brenn knows something about prayer and its power.

“We have a 12-year-old son that’s a brain and spinal cancer survivor.”

Ten years ago, that survivor was a struggling 2-year-old who spent nearly a year in the hospital.

“I can’t even begin to count what’s been given to our family. The wave of support, prayers and love and donations for our son.”

That love from their community changed Brenn and his family.

He’s since made it his mission to touch the lives of others and to bring comfort and raise money for families whose children are dealt the blow of illness. He holds charity concerts, benefits — anything to raise money for sick kids.

Because of that selfless service to others, we wanted to recognize Brenn with a KSL High 5!

“How much effort he puts into doing these for other people,” says Eric Olsen, who nominated Brenn. “And to donate his time and talent and bless the lives of others.”

Brenn’s wife agrees.

“I was just grateful that someone recognized it other than me,” Sylina Hill says. “Watching the selflessness, the humility and the importance of service.”

Brenn travels from Alberta to Texas, throughout the West and Midwest. No matter how far, he still comes home to give back.

“I have to give back to this community. I have a great community here,” he says.

“We are proud of Brenn. We are proud of his desire to promote his feeling toward other people, his kindness,” Brenn’s father Vern Hill says.

A family that weathered cancer and came out stronger,  only to help others.And perhaps to offer a lesson in the Power of Prayer.

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