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Kitchen Towel Tips
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Kitchen Towels- How To Really Do It Right

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Your kitchen sees such a variety of tasks.  Wet messes, dry messes, disinfecting counters, drying dishes, drying hands… there’s a lot going on.  Just one type of kitchen towel won’t cut it.  You need to make sure you always have the right towel for the right job.

Candace Heward and Heather Smith of Orson Gygi have exactly what you need.  They also have some great tips for caring and cleaning the towels so they’ll perform better longer.

Watch Candace and Heather give their tips on KSLTV’s Studio 4 with Brooke Walker.

Get The Right Towel

Not every kitchen towel was made for every job.  Make sure you have at least a small variety in your kitchen.  Candace and Heather recommend the Ripple Towel.  They’re 100% Turkish cotton and their ridged design makes them extremely durable.  Another recommendation is very common to commercial kitchens, it’s called Barmop.  These are less expensive towels that are great at quickly wiping things down.  They’re smaller than the Ripple, and that makes them perfect for having next to the cutting board as you work.

Find A Towel That Can Multitask

The third is the Flour Sack towel. They’re made of the same material that used to be used for flour sacks.  They’re not exceptionally absorbent, but they dry fast and are lint free which makes them perfect for drying dishes.  These towels can do more than dry dishes, they can be used for other tasks as well.  For example, they can be used in recipes that call for cheesecloth.  Heather also uses it to proof bread and then to wrap the bread to give to a neighbor.

Go With Whites & Greys

The towels will get dirty and stained.  You can’t avoid this.  For towels that you really intend to put to the task, pick white or light grey colors.  It’s true the stains and dirt will show quickly, but they’ll also be easier to clean.  You’ll be able to bleach them as needed without ruining the look.

Don’t Ruin Them In The Wash

Whatever you do, don’t use fabric softener on your kitchen towels.  It makes your towel less absorbent.  If you have been using fabric softener, just soak it in a vinegar and baking soda bath to strip away the softener.


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