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4 Quick and Easy Pregnancy Workouts For Your Entire Body

Photo: Jenny Ford Fitness

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When you are pregnant, trying to find time to go to a gym can be hard. But there are so many simple and easy workouts you can do at home while you are rocking that baby bump. Fitness expert Jenny Ford brings you her favorite workouts for pregnant women. And the best part, she does it without guilt and shame. Here are some safe and easy pregnancy workouts from Jenny Ford.

Safe and Easy Workouts for Pregnant Women

Calling all expecting moms! Jenny Ford has uploaded her new Pregnancy Workout Program, with 4 great workouts, on the KSLTV app. She created and filmed this program in her third trimester just for you. The entire program is designed to be balanced and complete so you can stay healthy, but still get a great workout. It includes a variety of cardio workout choices to keep your heart strong and to build endurance, some light weight lifting to build strength for when you’ll be carrying your baby and all that baby gear around, as well as a refreshing pilates style toning workout for the entire body.

A Full Week of Pregnancy Workouts

When you start this workout program you’ll be spending six days a week working out. Plus. you’ll get one day a week of rest! You should always listen to your body though. You may find you feel different from day to day. Growing that baby is a lot of work! You can easily break the workouts up into sections and do a little bit per day. A schedule has been included for your convenience.

This is a Special Time, Be Healthy

Working out during pregnancy is a gift you can give yourself and your growing little one at this special time. A few benefits you’ll enjoy from participating in this program are relieving stress, easing achy joints and muscles, better sleep, and building your endurance and strength to get you ready for labor, delivery, and recovery. Way to go for taking care of you mama!

Try Some of Jenny’s Other Workouts

Jenny Ford Fitness makes it easy to find time for fitness right on the KSL TV App. Check out the KSL TV app today to find the Jenny Ford workouts on Google Play and the Apple App Store

(Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before participating in this exercise program.)

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