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High 5: Dressed-up dinosaur

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — It may be the midst of the morning rush, but there’s something that makes many folks in South Jordan slow down: a well-dressed Sinclair dinosaur.

“That’s what I kind of call myself, the Dino dresser.”

Sarah Hepworth and her daughter noticed the then near naked reptile in October.

“It’s so sad. Just a traffic cone on its head, so we put a witches hat on it and it just kind of evolved.”

It’s now celebrating success in graduation garb.

“I just kept doing it because the kids loved it. Then it just got bigger, and I just kept getting more elaborate.”

St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, you name it. With the help of family members and friends, Sarah makes sure the dinosaur is always dressed to impress.

“I have every color of duct tape you can imagine. Plastic bags. Plastic drop cloths. Wire hangers. I use lots, so yeah, don’t get rid of your wire hangers — give them to me.”

Each outfit change is a distraction from the everyday.

“All families have like weird stuff and hard times, and we were kind of having a hard year and the dinosaur appeared,” Hepworth says. “We just needed something to brighten our day and we figured. It’s got to make other people laugh right?! ‘Cause it’s funny.”

It’s been a hit in South Jordan ever since.

“Everyday someone is commenting, oh my gosh your dinosaur is amazing. It makes my day. My kids make me drive past just to see what the dinosaur has on.”

“Every time I drive by, it puts a smile on my face,” South Jordan resident Jill Smith says. “Donovan Mitchell was my favorite.”

“My kids come by every day trying to find out what else they’ve done to it,” Shaurie Wade says.

While there are similar Sinclair dinos dressed up in different cities, viewers told us the dedication of this dinosaur dresser deserved a High 5.

KSL has a $200 Visa for her. And Sinclair adds a goodie bag and a mini dino statue.

“You have no idea how much we love this dinosaur.”

An inanimate animal making an impact on the community one costume at a time.

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