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Wednesday’s Child: ‘I’ve just kind of been let down a lot’

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – There’s something comforting about creating art.

“I’ve just been doing it forever and teaching myself stuff,” said 18-year-old Krysten, while using a pencil to sketch a still life at the University of Utah.

There’s something soothing about designing reality in just the way you want it when life’s had other plans.

“All I remember is being at a Boys and Girls Club,” Krysten said, thinking back on the day she first entered state custody.  “I just remember cop cars.  That’s all I really remember.”

For her, life’s drawn a path she would never have chosen.

“I’ve been in the system since I was three,” Krysten said.  “I have not been adopted, but I’ve been with a lot of families.”

Bouncing from house to house, with life as impermanent as lines on a piece of paper — it’s enough to make someone put down their pencil and give up.

“Throughout my life, I’ve just kind of been let down a lot,” Krysten said.  “I just want parents that I know I can go to.”

She’s even questioned whether or not she needs a family at all.

“I am 18, I should just move on, get my own place, start my own family,” Krysten said.

But deep down she knows, everyone needs a helping hand to help them draw their future.

“I guess I just want to be officially part of a family that I know will support me,” Krysten said.  “I feel like everyone deserves a family.”

Everyone deserves a family — especially those who are used to sketching life all on their own.

“I feel that no matter what age you are, you still deserve a family,” Krysten said.

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