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Local grocery stores pull controversial soda bottles

WEST JORDAN, Utah – There’s a controversy bubbling over a local Utah soda company and the names on some of their bottles.

One of them is called “Not See Kola,” another is called “Orthodox Jooce,” and it’s not sitting well with some shoppers.

“We were having some friends over and I thought they looked really fun,” said grocery store shopper, Kate Boyle. “I looked at it and I thought, wait a minute, this is Nazi Cola.”

Boyle then noticed the black eagle on the front resembling the old German Coat of Arms which was historically modified by the Nazi party.

“It’s not just a mistake or me being sensitive,” she said. “It’s definitely racist.”

Boyle snapped a photo of the bottle and posted it to Twitter asking Macey’s Grocery Store to remove the item from their shelves.

The grocery chain responded.

“Macey’s reached out to me personally and apologized, and said they would remove the soda,” Boyle said.

KSL reached out to Associated Food Stores, which include Macey’s.

In a statement they said, “We recently received feedback from guests regarding our craft soda. This item was not approved at a corporate level. We have reviewed our craft soda offerings and decided to discontinue Not See Kola. We apologize and our stores have been instructed to remove the product from shelves immediately. ”

“I don’t think it’s a matter of a sense of humor when six million people are murdered,” Boyle said.

Boyle isn’t the only one offended by the soda company’s flavor names.

On “Real Soda of Utah’s” Facebook page, there are other complaints. In response to one such complaint, the company said, “We have contacted the manufacturer and have asked for more details about the soda and wording on the bottle.”

“Someone else commented that I needed to have a better sense of humor,” Boyle said.

Boyle now hopes to see all the sodas removed from any Utah store, and she hopes she’s not alone.
“The Nazis came to power because people were desensitized to things like this, and I don’t want Utah to become desensitized.”

KSL reached out directly to “Real Soda of Utah” and they directed us to their partner in California who named the sodas. At the time of print, no response was given.

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