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Family of Elizabeth Salgado arrives in Utah, hoping for answers

Salgado Family

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Hoping for answers to bring them closer to justice, the Salgado family arrived at Salt Lake City International Airport late Tuesday night.

It was the first time they had been in Utah since Elizabeth Salgado’s body was found in Hobble Creek Canyon in Utah County last month.

Salgado had been missing for three years.

She disappeared shortly after moving to Provo to go to school.

Her mother, father, and siblings made the long flight from Mexico, to El Paso, then to Phoenix before landing in Salt Lake City.

They’re planning on meeting with Provo Police and Utah County Sheriff’s Office investigators about the case and to see if there is any information they can provide.

The family wanted to personally meet with investigators to talk to them.

They also say investigators had been interviewing family members as possible suspects, particularly her uncle Rudemberth Salgado.

Rudemberth, and his brother Rosemberg, were both at the airport to greet their family members.

Rosemberg says the family has provided police with the names of people Elizabeth told them about, especially one man the family claims kept asking her about where she lived and the route she walked to school.

“My niece, before she went missing, she told my sister (Elizabeth’s mother), her sisters, and myself and said this person was asking me so many questions about, he wanted to know every single detail about my life,” said Rosemberg. “I am so frustrated with this case because we have been telling them, so many times over and over again, please investigate this person, but they said there is nothing to investigate.”

Elizabeth’s mother, Libertad Salgado, who only speaks Spanish, said she just wants justice for her daughter and still can’t believe she is gone.

“We thought that Utah was the safest place on Earth until this happened to my niece,” said Rosemberg. “And right now we are like, okay, whoever did this, we need help to get this guy in prison.”

The family is also planning on seeing Elizabeth’s remains and visiting the spot where her body was found.

They know it will be a difficult, emotional trip, but they feel like it’s something they have to do.

“We are a family that is all together and here to find justice for Elizabeth,” said Rosemberg. “We’re going to find this person because I have faith that the detectives will do their job and we’re going to ask them to make sure that they investigate the people who we always thought that they were suspects. I’m just hoping that the Lord will give them the wisdom to investigate the real people that did this.”

They’re asking anyone with any information to contact the Provo Police Department.

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