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Unique pair develops friendship through walking together

ROY, Utah — Every day, you’ll find Roy City Police Officer Tleena Cambell with 91-year-old Navy veteran Richard Bosley.

Walking and talking. Sometimes sharing stories about family. Other times, giggling about an inside joke.

Their friendship is one of chance. She was on patrol, he was walking alone.

“Next day he walked in front of my patrol car again, and so I asked him if I could walk with him, and we’ve been walking ever since,” Officer Tleena Campbell says.

“And I’ve been thankful ever since,” Richard Bosley says.

Walking has meaning for Bosley, who lost his wife 8 years ago. They would walk 5 miles each day.

“And for about eight years I’ve been walking, and this is just the first time I’ve run into somebody I like to walk with.”

What began as a simple act of kindness is now a lifelong friendship.

We wanted to give Officer Campbell a thank you for what she’s doing. Because she didn’t ask for the attention, and yet here we are.

We’re also sending her out to dinner — and she invites Richard.

A High 5 to Officer Campbell and to 91-year-old Richard Bosley for showing us there is value in making new friendships — no matter your age.

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