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Police ID another person injured from Millcreek Starbucks crash

MILLCREEK, Utah – Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office believes yet another person was hurt when a pickup truck hit into customers at a Starbucks in Millcreek killing a Salt Lake City woman Friday.

Sheriff Rosie Rivera says 47-year-old Mitcheal Sellen of West Jordan is currently at a hospital in critical condition.

She believes he may have been hit by the truck and is dealing with some preexisting medical conditions too. In the chaos of the situation, medical officials weren’t sure for which he was transported to the hospital.

Investigators are currently working backward to figure out why 34-year-old West Walker of Oakley slammed into the Starbucks at 4744 S. Highland Drive. During their initial investigation, they believed it may have been because of a medical condition. They’re currently waiting for toxicology results and waiting to speak with Walker who has since hired a lawyer.

48-year-old Joslyn Spilsbury of Salt Lake City was killed. She was sitting at a table outside with 47-year-old Roger Kirwin who was visiting from Australia and 84-year-old Robert Dillard of Salt Lake City. Both were injured, as were two of Walker’s kids, who were inside his truck.

Sheriff Rivera isn’t sure of the condition of Walker and the two children as they haven’t been able to get in contact with them.

Rivera says now is a good time for owners of businesses and shopping plazas to check the safety of their surroundings for customers, “I mean I’ve had coffee in that exact table before and I felt very comfortable there. This is something you just would never ever guess would happen.”

The Starbucks reopened Monday. Flowers remain outside to memorialize Sellen.


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