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Nurse Pulls Facility Resident From Burning Bed

LOGAN, Utah – A nurse has been hailed as a hero after pulling a patient from a burning bed at Cache County skilled nursing facility.

Kathy Price told KSL when she found one of her patients lying in a burning bed Friday, she knew she had to act immediately and get her to safety.

Monte Lucherini and Kathy Price hug after seeing each other for the first time after Friday’s nursing home fire.

The licensed practical nurse was nearing the end of her shift at Rocky Mountain Care in Logan when she noticed something unusual coming from down the hall.

“I could see smoke coming from out of the door frame,” Price recalled.

She walked over to check on resident Kathleen Lucherini’s room.

“When I opened the door, there was just like a big billow of smoke that came out,” Price said. “I could see Kathy in front of me, and her bed was on fire from about the waist down.”

Realizing there wasn’t time to get help, Price said she reacted immediately.

Kathy Price

“I pulled her over to the side of the bed, and onto the ground,” Price said. “I didn’t even think about it. I knew I needed to get her out.”

Price said other employees and members of the community worked together to evacuate the building. Firefighters arrived not long after and put out the flames, which were contained to only the one room.

“We’re just blessed that it happened the way it did,” Price said.

Officials said because of the way it happened, and the way Price acted, Lucherini was still alive and well. She had no injuries from the fire, and because of her dementia, she didn’t even remember it when asked. Her son, Monte Lucherini, was grateful for Price’s actions.

Monte Lucherini talks with his mother, Kathleen Lucherini, Monday. Kathleen says she doesn’t remember anything about the fire.

“Well, I think it was miraculous,” Lucherini said. “She did what she had to do. She did the right thing. I think it’s heroic.”

After spending 40 years as a career nurse, Price said this was the first time she’s been faced with fire.

“I’d never hope to do that again, because it was very frightening,” Price said. “But I would do it again tomorrow if I needed to.”

Officials said the fire was caused by an electrical problem with a window-mounted air conditioner.

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