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Families Who Lost Homes in Dollar Ridge Fire Allowed To Visit Their Property

FRUITLAND, Utah – There are certain places we go to get away from it all.

For Vicki Linton, it was always her cabin in Duchesne County.

“We loved it,” she said.

It had two floors, an upper deck, and trees all around the property.

“I love my trees, but we can always replant trees,” said Linton.

The Dollar Ridge Fire that burned through part of Duchesne County along Lower Red Creek Road last week did to her property what wildfires do.

Her cabin is gone and most of the trees still standing will have to be cut down because of fire damage.

“Well, it is hard. It’s overwhelming,” said Linton. “I would be lying if I said it wasn’t tough. It is very difficult and I have cried buckets of tears over losing it.”

People who lost their homes to the fire were allowed into the area Wednesday morning to see what was left.

Linton brought her teenaged grandson to look through what was left.

Digging through the rubble in the middle of their foundation, they found what was left of a microwave, pots and pans, and even old tools.

“Oh, look at this. You can keep this, grandma. It’s a soup ladle,” said her grandson while holding up a burned ladle.

Even the little spot by the river is gone.

“It used to be full of foliage,” said Linton. “For our little girls, we called it the secret garden. And we would come down here and we were developing our secret garden.”

For as bad as all this is for the Linton family, though, this was their second home. She can’t imagine what families are going through who lost their primary home and everything they had in the wildfire.

“That would be very, very difficult. And heartbreaking,” said Linton. “I have prayed for them and wished for them the very best of luck. I feel so bad for them. It’s awful.”

Even in the middle of so much devastation, though, Linton considers herself lucky for what wasn’t lost.

“We didn’t lose any life. No one was hurt and none of the firefighters were hurt. They’re my buddies. And I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt defending my space,” said Linton.

Cabins can be rebuilt, which her family plans on doing, and trees will grow again.

“There will be something here,” she said. “We’re hoping by fall, that we will have re-seeded and started planting trees. That’s our goal. I’m not usually real good about those, but that’s our goal.”

There is no doubt that one day this spot will be beautiful again, and a place to get away from it all.


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