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Everyone Should Know This One Thing About Ransomware Protection

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You’ve heard of ransomware attacks, but do you know your likelihood of being affected? The sad fact is that one person is attacked by ransomware every 10 seconds, and for businesses, it’s every 40 seconds. Here’s how you can avoid being one of the many unlucky victims of and prevent these attacks from compromising your sensitive data with ransomware protection.

I.T. Security

On this episode of I.T. Security, John Huston with I.T. Services Department at Les Olson Company talks with host Ethan Millard about ransomware.

What is Ransomware?


Ransomware is a type of malware that holds your files hostage until you pay a ransom. Similar to malware there are many ways you can be targeted. These attacks can target your email inbox, social media account, and even your mobile phone. This type of malicious software is so widespread that it has even affected the industries with the most sensitive information on file, including the healthcare industry.

Ransomware Protection Strategies


Get the Proper Computer Software

The best way to protect yourself is making sure your computer has an anti-ransomware software installed. It’s important to know that this software is different from traditional anti-virus software. You shouldn’t assume that by simply having Anti-virus software you are also protected from ransomware.

Be Cautious of Unknown Links and Files

In a previous article, we went thru steps to avoid phishing scams in your email inbox. Phishing scams can be the delivery mechanism for the ransomware attack, usually in the form of a hyperlink or file that can install ransomware if clicked. It’s important to be wary of anything urging you to click a link or download a file. Using social media be cautious about giving out personal information and clicking links from people you do not know.

Where can I learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about how to protect yourself to get FREE ransomware protection software visit Les Olson Company for more information.

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