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How You Can Update Your Business’s Devices Like a Pro

This article is sponsored by Les Olson Company, Your Office Technology Partner. Upgrade your devices easily and inexpensively with Les Olson’s Business Technology Refresh Plan. Plus get the expert technical support your business needs with Managed I.T. Services from Les Olson Company.

If there were an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your business’s computing devices on a regular basis, why wouldn’t you? We now live in a subscription world so it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning to subscription-based technology upgrade programs for their businesses. Here’s how your business can stay on top of changing technology without shelling out big bucks every time you do an upgrade.

I.T. Security

A new service from the Les Olson Company’s I.T. Services Department called a Business Technology Refresh Plan gives the opportunity to businesses to regularly upgrade to the newest and best computing systems while just paying a monthly fee. On this episode of I.T. Security, John Huston with the I.T. Services Department at Les Olson Company talks with host Ethan Millard about how your business can sign up to get regular hardware upgrades. Plus, it’s great to have the newest and greatest technology at your fingertips.

Why Should I Keep My Business’s Computers New?

It used to be that upgrading an entire company’s computers and devices was costly and out of reach. Unless a vital software update forced an expensive upgrade, many companies opted to keep old machines well past their functional working life. This caused efficiency to drop significantly due to slow technology. At the same time, workplace morale went down due to employee frustration. Plus, compatibility is out the window when one person gets a brand new computer, and the rest of the department is stuck on old antiquated systems.

Business Technology Refresh Plan

These days the easiest way to upgrade the computing devices in your organization isn’t by buying new computers for everyone, it’s through a monthly fee. By paying monthly, you have the ability to bundle your hardware, software, and even warranties. This gives you the flexibility to upgrade when the latest technology is released, and as your needs evolve. You’ll never have to be left in the dust when it comes to your technology. The Business Technology Refresh Plan through Les Olson Company offers ‘pay as you’ go subscription plans on desktop and laptop computers, devices, servers, and even other accessories like monitors.

Where Can I Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can always be using the latest and greatest computing hardware and software, visit Les Olson Company for more information.

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