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Police: Man Lights Ogden Raptors Souvenir Shop On Fire, Is Found Passed Out On Street

Souvenirs left behind Tuesday, were too damaged by smoke, fire, and water to be saved.

OGDEN, Utah – The concession stand that normally sells Ogden Raptors souvenirs during games is now gutted and boarded up, after police said 31 year-old Trevor Flitton started a fire inside.

According to arresting documents, firefighters responded to a fire at Lindquist Stadium early Wednesday. In addition to finding a large fire inside the souvenir shop, firefighters said they found a large propane tank that had the valve open and was making a hissing sound.

Pictures taken inside the building show a charred cabinet with black smoke damage up the walls and melted display stand.

Ogden Police said Flitton was seen on surveillance video kicking in the door before going in for several minutes and running out.

Investigators said Flitton later made his way to the 2200 block of Grant avenue, which happens to be almost right in front of the police station. There, they said he broke into the cab of a backhoe, damaging the inside, and leaving behind some of this blood. Police later found Flitton passed out about a block away, with a bag full of Raptors memorabilia lying next to him.

A charred cabinet where a fire was started inside a souvenir stand at Lindquist Field Tuesday. Photo taken by staff at Lindquist Field.

Flitton now faces charges of arson, criminal mischief and burglary.

On Thursday, Ogden Raptors General Manager Doug Baggott released a statement to KSL that he planned to read at the game later that night.

“We hope (Flitton) gets the proper attention and help he needs to become a productive member of our beloved community,” Baggott said in the statement. “Although some people can take away a few trinkets from us, they will never take away our joy!”

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