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KSL 5 TV Statement:

We are disappointed to share with you that as of 4pm MT today KSL 5 TV has gone dark on DIRECTV. Following months of proactive negotiation, DIRECTV has chosen not to provide KSL 5 TV with fair market compensation for the content we provide.

We want to get KSL 5 TV back into the DIRECTV lineup and share your immediate frustration. Our executives traveled to DIRECTV headquarters repeatedly over the last several months in an effort to avoid this outcome.

Understand that aside from the top-rated, community-focused programming KSL 5 TV produces, we pay NBC for network programming and incur all of the satellite costs associated with the transmission of station’s signal. KSL 5 TV is the only locally owned station in town. DIRECTV compensates the other Salt Lake City stations which are owned by large corporations such as Sinclair (KUTV), Tribune (FOX13) and Nexstar (ABC 4).

We have been successful in similar negotiations with every one of our other cable and satellite distributors, but DIRECTV refuses to reach an agreement based on fair-market value.

Alternatives For DIRECTV Customers To Watch KSL TV

As always, KSL 5 TV is available for free over the air with an antenna or on the KSL 5 TV Streaming App ( available now on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV, as well as via Android and iPhone.

We appreciate your continued support and value your viewership on KSL 5 TV.

What are your options?

Call DIRECTV at 888-333-9947 and ask for a discount for the loss of KSL 5 TV.

Access KSL 5 TV for FREE via antenna or on our KSL 5 TV STREAMING App (, available on ROKU, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV as well as Android and iPhone.

Additionally, there are other great companies that provide KSL 5 TV in our area:

If you have additional questions or comments, please CONTACT KSL.

What is retransmission?

From the FCC: The Communications Act requires that a television station give its consent to a cable system or other multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) to carry its broadcast signal.  Television stations and cable systems, as well as satellite carriers, negotiate for this “retransmission consent” and money or other consideration is generally exchanged between the parties in these private negotiations.  If the parties do not produce an agreement in time, they may decide to extend the existing agreement, which means they would continue to carry the stations during their negotiations.  If they do not reach an agreement, then the cable system or other MVPD must stop offering the stations to their subscribers.

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