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Weber County Man Arrested In Connecting With Ogden Shooting Death

OGDEN, Utah – A Weber County man is in jail  accused of shooting and killing a man in a transient camp early Thursday morning.

At around 4 a.m. Thursday, Ogden police officers went to the 21st Street Pond to investigate a suspicious death in a transient camp in the woods.

Cory Fitzwater

According to court papers, it appeared the unidentified male victim had been shot in the head, and a spent .45 caliber bullet casing was found near the victim. Police interviewed people in the camp who told them the victim had been alive at 2 a.m., but when they returned to camp two hours later, he was dead and they called 9-1-1.

As police investigated further, evidence at the scene and witnesses helped investigators identify Fitzwater as the suspect.

“We have people that are choosing to live out in the fields and live in that environment,” said Captain Danielle Croyle with the Ogden Police Department. “This is just unfortunate that we struggle trying to protect them in that environment.”

According to one witness, Fitzwater shot the victim in the head with the .45 caliber firearm. According to the probable cause statement, Fitzwater admitted that the gun was his and admitted to being in the area the time of the murder.

Police have still not released the name of the victim because they have not been able to contact all of his family.

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