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Wednesday’s Child Telethon Helps Teen Become Adopted

MOUNT PLEASANT, Utah – A forever home, that is usually one thing the kids living in Utah foster care usually wish for. That wish came true for one teen KSL featured on our Wednesday’s Child Telethon.

When we first met Nick two years ago he was 15 and had one dream, a forever family. Things brightened up for the teen we once knew as Nick, but now he has a new name. Now he is known as Hunter.

“I saw it as a fresh start and Hunter is a cool name,” he said.

Not only is Hunter his new name, he also saw his dream come true.

“I got adopted. It’s pretty cool. I feel loved,” Hunter said.

Love from his new mom, Ronnett, and his dad, Dan, who are thrilled to have him in their home.

“He is hilarious. He’s a really good sense of humor, and it’s been fun to watch him learn and grow,” said Ronnett.

Hunter now has a lot of siblings,  with similar circumstances.

“We have 14 children, all of which we’ve adopted from foster care, some sibling groups, some singles. He’s actually the oldest of all the children, and he’s done really well with that,” said Ronnett.

It’s a new life they are all building together as a family, and Hunter is thankful.

“I thought I would just age out of the system. That’s what I was planning for,” said Hunter.

That plan was changed by Dan and Ronnett.

“The kids in foster care are like normal kids. They want the same things we want. They want to have structure, they want to have security, they want to have people in their life that they trust,” said Ronnett.

“He seems to have weathered the storm rather well. Him having a good sense of humor has helped tremendously. We do have a good time. We laugh a lot,” said Dan.

Laughter that is helping this new family bond.

“A family sets an anchor. It gives an anchor, gives that support, it gives the security these kids want,” said Dan.

All while changing the course of many lives.

“When you go into something like this, you think you’re going to change a child’s life. What you don’t realize is that they are also going to change yours,” she said.

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