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Patty Prepares For New School Year, Hopes For New Family

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Back to school shopping is a rite of passage for kids starting out a new year. Patty is going to be a sophomore. On Wednesday, she went to City Creek Center to do some shopping.

“When I was with my mom, we would go shopping all the time,” said Patty.

On this day, she was accompanied by a caseworker. Starting a new school year brought about some nerves for Patty.

“I kind of go back and forth to be honest,” she said.

Patty has some mixed feelings about what is to come, and living in foster care doesn’t make things easy.

“When I first came into foster care, it was really hard because I switched school and things,” she said.

Patty says she understands living in state custody is probably for the best right now.

“I didn’t have the best life at home,” she said. “I kind of missed the part of being a kid.”

She hopes being featured on “Wednesday’s Child” will open a door she believed closed forever.

“I’m actually looking for a good home now,” she said.

It’s often said that kids are resilient.

“I’m used to (living in foster care) so it’s ok,” she said.

However, there are some things no child should have to get used to.

“For me being in foster care, it’s made me learn that everyone goes through something.”

Now, Patty is looking for a fresh start.

“I just want to feel loved I guess,” she said. “I want to have parents ask me how my days was or how I am doing.”

She’s hoping next year, back-to-school shopping will look a little different and maybe, she will have someone just to ask her how she’s doing.

To learn more about Patty, contact The Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444 or at

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