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Purse Stolen From Gym; Multiple Documents Gone, Including Green Card

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – One woman has been arrested and police have leads on another after a purse and bag were stolen from a Davis County gym. The victim’s green card was among the items taken.

Patricia Goold said she usually feels pretty safe and secure during her regular trips to the gym. That changed when her gym bag and purse were taken from her locker Wednesday.

She told KSL it turned her life upside down.

“It was horrible,” Goold said. “When I finished (working out), I went to get my stuff, and I didn’t find (my bag).”

Admittedly, Goold left the bag in an unlocked locker. She said she never suspected that something might be stolen there.

“I just felt safe,” Goold said.

Paul and Patricia Goold.

Two women were later arrested for the theft after they allegedly used Goold’s credit cards.

Officials with the Bountiful Police Department said 34-year-old Erin Howard and another unidentified woman almost immediately went on a shopping spree after Goold’s bag went missing. Police said the women stopped at the nearby Smith’s Marketplace and a smoke shop, before going to the Walmart in Centerville.

According to arresting documents, the two women were seen trying to buy items at Walmart, but the credit card was declined. They were eventually able to successfully purchase a mattress.

Officers caught up with Howard later in the day, after she reportedly tried to return the mattress for cash.

The money however, was the least of the Goold’s concerns.

“(It was) inconvenient, but stressful,” her husband, Paul Goold, said. “Identities, home addresses, car keys. We didn’t sleep real well last night.”

Still, many of those things can be replaced. There was one document that was in the bag, and much more of a concern.

“A green card is really difficult to replace,” said Paul Goold.

While Patricia has been in the country for over 12 years, the parents of 4 children said it could take months for her to get a new green card.

“Those documents are pretty important. They’re necessary for anything we want to do,” Paul Goold said. “We hoped to travel at Christmas time – hopefully at the end of the year.”

34-year-old Erin Howard

According to a probable cause statement filed in Utah’s 2nd District Court, Howard was not cooperative in telling police who the other woman was. Detectives  believed they had some solid leads, and hoped to make another arrest soon.

The Goold’s were just hopeful they’ll find Patricia’s documents, as well. Either way, they said they’ve learned an important lesson.

“Protect your things,” Paul Goold said. “Don’t depend on someone else to protect you. Protect yourself.”

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