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Trace and Sean prepped for the Red Bull 400 on Friday
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Trace and Sean Face A Steep Obstacle At The Red Bull 400

PARK CITY, Utah – Sometimes being KSL’s adventure specialists can be an … uphill battle — as Trace and Sean found out ahead of the Red Bull 400.

Trace Worthington and Sean Smith headed up to Olympic Park in Park City Friday morning, just ahead of Saturday’s event.

They caught up with ultramarathoner Dylan Bowman, and the three of them got a chance to take on the track.

Check it out:

The question is: Which of these three would win?

Is it Trace, Sean or Dylan?

We saw the beginning of a race, but we’ll just have to wonder who made it to the top first:

The Red Bull 400 is happening Sept. 15 at Utah Olympic Park in Park City. Click here for more information or to register to compete.

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