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Mitt Romney and Jenny Wilson squared off in in their first and only debate.
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Mitt Romney, Jenny Wilson Face Off In First, Only Debate

CEDAR CITY, Utah – Mitt Romney and Jenny Wilson squared off in a debate as the two seek to fill the seat that will be vacated by Orrin Hatch.

Tuesday night’s event, held on the campus of Southern Utah University, was the first and only debate between the former Republican presidential candidate and the Democrat Salt Lake City Councilwoman.

A poll released last month showed Romney had a 26-point lead over Wilson.

The two found areas of agreement, including healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Wilson made an impassioned promise when talking about her son who had to have open heart surgery as an infant and how it was difficult even with health insurance.

“I cannot imagine a family going through what we went through without healthcare,” she said. “I will fight for good healthcare coverage as your senator.”

Mitt Romney and Jenny Wilson squared off in in their first and only debate.

Republican U.S. Senate candidates Mitt Romney, left, and Democratic candidate Jenny Wilson debate in the America First Event Center in Cedar City, Utah, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018. The event is the only televised debate for the candidates before the November 6 election. (James M. Dobson/The Spectrum via AP)

When asked about President Trump, Romney refused to revisit past criticisms.

“I also believe that he is president, and that he is doing a lot of things that are very helpful for our state,” he said. “And I’ll support him in those things.”

Romney was the 2012 presidential nominee and former Massachusetts  governor. In 2002, he lead the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics.

Wilson was first woman elected to the Salt Lake City Council and was the Chief of Staff to Congressman Bill Orton. She served as a senior leader on the Salt Lake Ciy Olympic Games staff.

Election Day is four weeks away. Utahns can register to vote online at or at their county clerk’s office up to seven days before the election. They can also register at the polling location on Election Day or any day polling locations are open.

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