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Rain Causes Jordan River To Overflow In Parts Of Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Rain overnight and through the morning hours caused the Jordan River to overflow in some locations of Salt Lake City Wednesday.

Areas like Cottonwood Park, for example, became a muddy mess.

Salt Lake City firefighters had to help some homeless folks living in these low lying areas along the banks move.


We even caught up with one local, Cory Komac, who loves walking in the area with his dogs Billy and Buckeye.

But his early morning stroll got scary near Constitution Park, “the water was probably up to my knees. My little white one (dog) decided he wanted to go swimming and the current kind of swept him away a little bit, so he couldn’t go out, so I had to go in. Yeah it was about up to my knees. I saved him at least,” said Komac.

While much of the flooding has receded by Wednesday evening, the area still has some slick spots and big puddles.

Firefighters say the river is flowing much faster than usual for this time of year.
They urge people to use caution here, and of course that warning applies to other rapidly flowing waters around the state.

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