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My Phone is Making Me Log in Twice? Why Multi-Factor Authentication is Amazing and Can Help Protect You On the Internet Every Day

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These days it’s so easy for hackers to go out and steal data, information, and even identities. You could be scammed by a ransomware attack, a dictionary attack, a virus or other malware, or phishing attempts. To name only a few. What can you do to protect yourself and your personal information kept on your devices and computers? Have you ever heard of multi-factor authentication?

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Known by several different names like ‘two-factor authentication’ and ‘2-step verification’, there are several ways that apps, devices, and websites use multi-factor authentication to help protect you.

Multi-Factor Authentication Can Protect You When You Are Online

Multi-Factor Authentication requires more than one device. The authentication can be specific to just a single app or website like Facebook or Google. Or the authentication can oversee multiple apps and websites like in the case of Google Authenticator. It can also help oversee a collection of one companies apps like Google’s 2- Step Verification. Or in the case of iOS devices can even be authorized from another Apple Product.

How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Work?

Multi-factor authentication requires that you first log in to your account, whatever it may be. Then you have to submit your password correctly. After that, your phone will send a second alert, a code, or an email to give you the appropriate information to complete the second layer of security. Sound like a lot of work? Some users may feel that way. But this does, in fact, offer a second layer of security that will protect your device more if someone is trying to enter a secure portion of your phone.

Before You Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

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