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Don’t Have a Fireplace? The KSL Yule Log is Back This Christmas to Bring Warmth into Your Home

Photo: KSL

This article about the KSL Yule Log is sponsored by RC Willey. Your Home. Your Way. RC Willey the chairs, couches, and recliners you need to make your house feel like home this holiday season.

One of the most characteristic parts of the holiday season is sitting around a fire while drinking hot chocolate and spending time with your family. Well, if you live in an apartment, or in a house with no fireplace how are you supposed to gather everyone around a fire? That’s what the KSL Yule Log is for.

A Visual Yule Log Isn’t New

The first TV station to broadcast a Yule Log was New York City’s WPIX back in 1966 to try an appeal to people who lived in apartments with no chance of a fireplace. Fred M. Thrower, the president and chief executive officer of WPIX at the time wanted to try and appeal to New Yorkers who lived in apartments and homes with nothing close to a fireplace. Fred wanted to provide a way to experience the Yule log tradition on their TVs. KSL has preserved this tradition by streaming their Yule Log to everyone with access to connected tv or to a smartphone. Yes, you can even bring up the yule log right on your phone so you can have a portable warming fire whether you are sitting on your brand new couch or chair from RC Willey. Wait? You don’t have a comfy couch? With everything on sale at RC Willey right now, you’re sure to find a great deal, so what are you waiting for?

Connect to the Yule Log with the KSL TV App

Photo: KSL


This year the KSL Yule Log is available for your fireplace-less home in all KSL-TV mobile and TV apps. You can watch it on popular Connected TV and smartphone devices including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android, and iOS. Cuddle up on your RC Willey Couch this season and warm up next to the KSL Yule Log.

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