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Wednesday’s Child: Utah Couple Adopts Son, 17, From Foster Care

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – In our Wednesday’s Child segments we usually introduce you to children living in the foster care system who need our help in finding a forever home. However, this time KSL TV is featuring a family who adopted their son from foster care.

At first glance, McKay, Donnamaree and Wesley may look like any other family. There is a happiness and bond that can’t be denied, but it hasn’t always been this way. McKay is 17 years old and has already experienced a lifetime of loss.

“(The woman) told me to come and sit down and then she told me my mother had passed away,” said McKay.

Following the death of his mother, McKay feared he’d be stuck in foster care and eventually end up alone.

“He still has troubles and still struggles with missing (his mother) because he had a very close relationship with her,” Donnamaree, McKay’s adoptive mother said.

Donnamaree and her husband, Wesley opened their home to McKay not knowing for how long.

“I didn’t think I’d ever have children in my life,” Wesley said.

They remember the moment they knew McKay was meant to be her son.

“We were driving home and he just told me how much he wanted to be adopted and it broke my heart,” Donnamaree said. “It broke my heart because I already loved him.”

Donnamaree and Wesley started the process of adopting McKay and finally on Sept. 6, it became official.

“The joke of this is the birth certificate says they gave birth to me,” McKay said with a laugh. “I’m a miracle baby that came at 17 years old.”

Now, this family wants to get the word out about adoption through foster care.

“They need a home and if they don’t get adopted before they’re 18-years-old they’re going to get thrown out on the street,” Wesley said. “They need somebody to help them out.

McKay is looking forward to more family outings and activities.

“This family has been a blessing in my life because I have them and can trust them,” McKay said. “They even let me have a dog.”

It’s a small gesture that has made a huge impact on this teen.

“I can always count on this family and my heart is combined with this family,” McKay said.

Although he has found his forever home, there are still children living in foster care hoping their story will have a happy ending too.

“My future I can imagine it being brighter,” McKay said. “With my parents help, I can get ready for life. I’m just so grateful to have them in my life.”

To learn more about adoption through foster care, contact The Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444

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