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Just in Time For the Holidays: How You Can Be Melting Chocolate Like a Pro In Just Minutes!

This article about melting chocolate is presented by Orson Gygi. Family owned and operated since 1945, Orson Gygi is the West’s premier source for kitchen tools, supplies, and specialty foods. Visit them at

Melting Chocolate Basics

It’s the holidays, and not many other things say relax like melting chocolate. But if you are planning to make some hot chocolate, or using melted chocolate for something, there are a few things you need to know. Before you start the big process of melting and dipping chocolate, make sure you have the right kind for your project. Heather Smith with Orson Gygi shares the best and easiest process to melt chocolate at home!

No Need for a Double Boiler or an Oven

Using an oven can be time-consuming since you have to pre-heat, and a double boiler can be cumbersome and can be dangerous around little kids and pets. A microwave is really the way to go since it is fast and you can have some control over it. Before you start, set your microwave to 50% power, then place the bowl in, and microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring between each 30-second interval.

Pick the Right Melting Container

While many recipes may call for a double boiler or an oven to get this job done, Heather says that a simple bowl in a microwave works great. She recommends silicone, but you are able to use anything from glass to ceramic as long as it is microwave safe. Just be careful if you use glass or ceramic, they can often continue to heat even after being removed from the microwave.

Any Chocolate Will Work

This technique works great with any kind of chocolate, just make sure you break it up a little first. Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. Yum! What will you use? And what will you make with your melted chocolate?

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