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Saratoga Springs Police Investigate String Of Car Break-Ins

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – Investigators in Saratoga Springs are trying to find two men who they say have broken into several cars and charged thousands of dollars to stolen credit cards this week.

Sergeant Roger Williams said the first reports came in Jan. 7. He said two cars were broken into at Vasa Fitness. On Jan. 9, Williams said, three cars at The Mat Yoga studio. Williams said the thieves stole credit cards from the vehicles, then used them immediately.

“Suspects went directly to our Walmart here in Saratoga with those credit cards and racked up just a little over two thousand dollars in charges,” he said.

Surveillance video showed the two men who police believe were responsible for the break-ins at the Walmart Wednesday. Williams said they have received differing vehicle descriptions from witnesses, and investigators believe the men could be using rental cars.

Investigators are looking into whether or not these cases are related to others in nearby towns. Williams said someone broke into three cars at a Vasa Fitness in Lindon, then used cards stolen from the vehicles at the same Walmart. He said there could also be some related thefts in Bluffdale.

Williams said people going to the gym should always take their valuables inside. He said even a good hiding spot in the car may not be enough to avoid a theft.

“Leaving valuables in your car, even out of sight, is not the best thing. There are a lot of cases where they break into cars and they can’t see anything, but they’ll break into the cars anyway thinking maybe there’s something under the seat. They get in and find out, yeah, sure enough, there’s a purse,” Williams said.

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