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Family, Friends, Community Say Final Goodbyes to Fallen Provo Officer

OREM, Utah – Family, friends, the community, and law enforcement around the state and country said their final goodbyes Saturday to fallen Master Officer Joseph Shinners of the Provo Police Department.

Services were held at the Event Center at Utah Valley University in Orem. Master Officer Shinners was a member of the Provo Police Department, but above all he was a son, a brother, a loving husband and father to a 1-year-old son.

His wife Kaylyn Shinners, holding back tears, spoke about the man she married, the man he was at home that she loved so much.

“Joe is the man who was so excited when our son was born he followed the nurse around with his arms out stretched waiting for her to hand him our baby, and she had to tell him to wait because she was trying to weigh him and clean him,” said Kaylyn.

Officer Shinners was a dedicated man who was committed to his family at home and to his brothers and sisters in uniform.

Those same officers and many others from surrounding agencies across the state and country filled the event center seats including his own father and brothers.

“Joe was a sheep dog. He fought the wolves and gave his life doing so. The sheep and the sheep dog think differently…the sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day,” Michael Shinners, Officer Shinners’ brother, said.

Joe’s Chief, Rich Ferguson of the Provo Police Department, spoke highly of him, recalling the day he came in for an interview to the day he hired him and felt a special bond. He knew Officer Shinners loved life.

“To Kaylyn, I am so sorry for the grief and loft that you are experiencing. I want to assure you we support you this entire community supports you and I assure you that Joe will not be forgotten and justice will be pursued for his death,” Ferguson said.

Services wrapped with a closing a prayer and a standing crowd of attendees paying their respects to Master Officer Joe Shinners and never forgetting the man, the officer, and the selfless person. He was a true hero.


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