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What Are You Doing To Reduce Pollution, Improve Air Quality?

SALT LAKE CITY, UtahPoor air quality impacts everyone. It’s bad for our health, our environment and our economy. Experts at the Division of Air Quality tell us that when the inversion is in place, air pollution doubles daily! The good news, there are easy things YOU can do to help improve our air quality. An added bonus, many may also save you money:

    • Don’t idle—Shutting off your car while you wait. If you’re waiting to pick your kids or friends up likely others are too—and nobody wants to walk through all that polluting exhaust that then travels miles and miles into our air.
    • Carpool—It’s a good way to reconnect with friends and co-workers and has the added benefit of helping to reduce cold starts.
    • Skip the Trip—Opt to make dinner at home rather than going out or bring your lunch to work.
    • Telework—Use those extra 30 or 40 minutes you’d be in your car and put them toward catching up on your inbox or spend them with your family.
    • Bike or walk—It will help get those steps or extra cardio in
    • Take public transit—One day a week rather than driving will save you money on gas and help improve our air.

UCAIR has a lot of suggestions on how we can also shop green when it comes to household appliances all the way to the products we buy everyday.

Why should you care about Utah’s air quality? Because while we are making progress, poor air affects all of us, whether you realize it or not. Watch UCAIR’s videos featuring real Utahns dealing with real challenges that are intensified by our air quality.

First Responder, Brad Macfarlane shares his air quality story.

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Did you know summertime ozone is just as harmful as winter inversion? Learn what causes ozone and why it matters.

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 Visit for ways you can help improve our air. #showucair

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