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Wednesday’s Child: Miranda Loves People, Dreams Of Becoming Doctor

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — The teenage years can be a trying and confusing time for many young people. Some of them don’t have the guidance from parents to help them through.

This week’s Wednesday’s Child is Miranda. She is looking for support, love and a place to finally call home.

It is said that true beauty lies within. At Taylor Andrews Academy, the goal is to polish and perfect the outside. On this day the students are getting to do a little bit of both.

“I’m not used to people doing my hair besides me,” said Miranda.

On Wednesday, she was being treated like a Queen while getting her hair, nails and makeup done.

Sometimes, the soul needs some extra love and attention.

“When I’m not around people it makes me depressed,” she said.

Miranda loves people — and it’s clear she cares about others, even when it’s someone she just met.

“Is this where you go to school?” she asked one of the students.

“She tries so hard to be happy,” Kate Anderson, an adoption recruiter said of Kate. “She tries so hard to make others happy and feel good. She really takes pride in making others feel good.”

Life hasn’t been easy for the teen.

“I have trauma from when I was younger,” Miranda said.

It’s trauma she doesn’t like to talk about — understandably so. Instead she prefers to focus on faith and the future.

“I want to get a good family who will actually care,” she said.

Right now she lives in a group home, where attention and care like this doesn’t really get to happen. She doesn’t have a mother who does this kind of thing.

“I feel so pretty right now,” she said as she gazed in the mirror at her new look.

This is a critical time for a teenage girl and she’s looking for a family who will love her and encourage to pursue to dreams.

“I want to graduate from college and become a doctor,” she said.

Until that day comes, she will try to keep sparkling and shining despite the hurt.

“It may not go away forever,” she said. “You might still have (the hurt) but you can still get through it.”

To learn more about Miranda around the many other children hoping to be adopted, visit The Utah Adoption Exchange online or call 801-265-0444.

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