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Wednesday’s Child: Lorenzo

CLEARFIELD, Utah – Here at KSL, we are committed to building up the community and families.

For years, we’ve featured children in the Utah Foster Care system who need help finding loving homes. Usually when the segments are done a child is featured once, maybe twice. This is Lorenzo’s third time and a lot has changed.

“I needed it trimmed a little,” said Lorenzo to the barber as he walked into The Man Cave Barber shop in Clearfield. “I’ve been busy.”

When most people head to the barbershop it’s not just about getting a clean cut. It’s also about the social aspect and atmosphere.

“We try to keep it more family based with that old school feel,” the barber said.

The barber and owner loves talking to his clients.

“(When my clients have babies) they come back just to show me pictures,” he said.

Today, sitting in the barber chair isn’t just any client, its Lorenzo and you may remember him. KSL featured him first on Wednesday’s Child back in 2015.

“I’ve moved around so much that I don’t even know what to call home,” he said in 2015.

KSL TV featured Lorenzo again in 2017 as the little hope he had left began to dim.

“My heart has been broken, burned and shattered several times,” he said through tears.

However, sometimes when it appears all is lost, a sliver of light appears.

“They said that they wanted to adopt me,” Lorenzo said. “My first reaction (was) I cried.”

The man cutting Lorenzo’s hair isn’t just his barber. His name is Marcus, but to Lorenzo he’s known as something else.

“He’s actually my adoptive father,” Lorenzo said with a smile.

“Yes, that’s my son right there,” Marcus replied.

Marcus and his wife were touched by Lorenzo’s story when they saw him on Wednesday’s Child.

“We decided to take a chance because everybody deserves a second chance,” Marcus said.

Lorenzo is now getting a fresh start along with many years of fresh cuts. He also now has three younger brothers.

He is no longer waiting. He is finally home and thriving surrounded by those he loves.

“(It’s) having backboard to help propel me to my dreams,” Lorenzo said.

“It’s a really proud moment as a father,” Marcus said.

To learn more about the many children still waiting in foster care, contact the Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444 or at

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