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Fans Cheer on Jazz During Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Sunday night was a big night for the Utah Jazz.

It was Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs against the Houston Rockets.

Jazz fans and Rockets fans alike crowded into Fisher Brewery Co. in Salt Lake City.  Even though the Jazz lost, fans say the team looks great this year and they’ve got a real shot.

“I think they look good. I think they’ve gotten a real sense of family and I think they play really well together,” said Cierra Stuart. “I think they do a good job against Houston. I think they get under their skin a little bit so I’m hoping for a win.”

“I’m optimistic.  Obviously last year was hard but it’s a different team – two different teams now,” said Patrick Reimherr. “I would say we lost last year but sometimes a setback is a set up for a comeback.”

Houston fans were also at the sports bar watching the game. They say they have a lot of respect for the Jazz, despite the rivalry and think it could be a close series.

“I have nothing against the Jazz so I’m hoping for a close series,” said Brandon Meekes. “Obviously I’m hoping for the Rockets to win in four but if it’s close it’s close.”

“What do I think of the Jazz? It’s a great organization.  I do respect the Jazz.  When they are not playing the Rockets, I route for the Jazz,” said Alex Depedro. “As long as the Jazz will stay calm, they can give Rockets fans a little scare to say the least.”

Game 2 of the series is Wednesday in Houston and then the Jazz come back to Utah for Game 3 on Saturday.

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