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Human Remains Identified As Those Of Jerika Binks

UTAH COUNTY, Utah — Nearly 14 months to the day that she disappeared, investigators now know for sure where Jerika Binks ended up.

The Utah County Sheriff announced this afternoon that human remains found in a ravine in American Fork Canyon have been positively identified. It’s been a long case with many searches in that area.

A hiker found the remains Sunday. He alerted authorities and the remains were recovered the next morning and transported to the Medical Examiner’s office in Taylorsville.

Investigators believe it’s possible that the only two people to have been in that ravine since February 18, 2018 are Jerika Binks and that hiker who found her remains.

It’s a sad ending to the story, but her family is thankful they can now bring her home.

Jerika’s brother, Jed Alvey, spoke at the press conference about the pain of losing his sister and his memories of her.

“You guys would remember her, that’s for sure. She would make you laugh,” Alvey said.

He said it’s been rough for the family these last 14 months. The news that Jerika had been found has had them feeling everything all over again.


LIVE: Authorities are briefing the media in the case of human remains found in American Fork Canyon this week. A family rep for Jerika Binks is expected to speak as well.

Posted by KSL 5 TV on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

“Some people may think that we’ve kind of had a year to grieve a little it about it, but that’s not the case,” Alvey said. “It hit my family just like it happened yesterday… but it was relieving too, at the same time, to know that we at least get to bring her home.

Investigators know Binks had a broken leg, but they don’t have a definitive cause of death just yet. Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sargent Spencer Cannon says they’ll keep digging.

“We’re going to do everything we can to get those answers, but sometimes in cases like this, there are just some questions that will remain unanswered,” Cannon said.

Sgt. Cannon also said part of that search will be trying to find anything they can get from Binks’ cell phone.

KSL TV’s Sean Moody contributed to this report.

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