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Man Found Guilty Of Killing Unified Police K9 In 2017

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — You never really have to say goodbye when you visit a cemetery.

It’s more like talk to you later.

“He was really part of our family,” said Chad Reyes, as he walked in the grass at the Memorial Mountain View Cemetery in Cottonwood Heights. “It feels welcoming and comforting to come here and spend that time with my best friend.”

It would be impossible to know how many times Reyes has come here to talk to his buddy, but today’s talk was different than all the times before.

“I told him what happened today,” he said, as his voice starting to break.

Reyes was a Unified Police officer in July of 2017 and Dingo was his K9.

As they were chasing a wanted fugitive, Dingo caught up to the man, only to have the man shoot him.

Dingo later died.

K9 Dingo's Headstone

K9 Dingo’s Headstone

“A lot of scientific types will argue that dogs aren’t capable of self-sacrifice,” said Reyes while looking at Dingo’s headstone. “But I’m certain that he willingly put himself in jeopardy.”

Friday afternoon, after a week-long trial, a jury found 30-year old Torey Massey guilty of shooting and killing Dingo.

Massey faces five years in prison after being found guilty on five counts.

His sentencing is set for June 17th.

After the jury read its verdict, Reyes left the courtroom and went to the pet memorial garden portion of the cemetery to tell Dingo.

It’s been two years, but Reyes feels Dingo has justice.

However, he misses him maybe more today than ever.

“I do cherish the many good memories I had with him,” said Reyes. “It’s an indescribable bond for sure. I feel like I carry him with me every day.”

Chad Reyes kneels at Dingo's headstone in the Memorial Mountain View Cemetery

Chad Reyes kneels at Dingo’s headstone in the Memorial Mountain View Cemetery

Reyes spent a few minutes kneeling to brush grass and sticks off of Dingo’s headstone before leaving.

It wasn’t goodbye.

Just, see you later.

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