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Ryan Boken and Molly Block. Photos Via South Salt Lake Police
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UPDATE: Missing Couple Found Alive in Arizona

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah – In an update Saturday, KSL News Specialist Matt Rascon posted to Twitter that the missing couple Molly Bock and Ryan Boken were found alive in Arizona, but no other details were available.

In a statement, South Salt Lake police executive officer Gary Keller wrote, “The missing couple, Ryan Boken and Molly Bock have been located. They are safe and well after a long unexpected road trip. Ryan, Molly, and their dog are currently staying with family in Arizona. We extend much gratitude to the media for all your help.”

South Salt Lake Police recovered Bock’s car on Friday, just the latest clue that loved ones hoped would help lead detectives to 27-year-old Bock and her fiancé, Boken.

Family members and friends hadn’t seen or heard from Bock or Boken since Wednesday night.

“Everyone wants you back,” Kendra Szabo said. “The behavior’s alarming to me.”

Two days may not seem like much time, but when you’re as close to somebody as Szabo is to Bock, two days is way too long.

They met on their first day of college class in 2010 and “we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Szabo first knew something was off when Bock wasn’t responded to her texts. Then she learned that neither Bock nor Boken showed up for work.

And if that wasn’t enough, Szabo shares phone locations with both of them but the location feature was turned off.

They live in a home in South Salt Lake with their dog Sadie, who is also missing, along with Boken’s phone and car. What’s more unusual though is what was left at their home.

“Her purse, her cell phone, her daily medications, her toothbrush, her makeup bags, her phone charger, all that was left at the house,” Kendra said.

South Salt Lake Police found Molly’s black Subaru Outback in a dirt parking lot outside of Make Salt Lake on Friday night.

“This case is very unusual,” Officer Gary Keller said. “This is totally out of nature for these two.”

Before detectives discovered Bock’s car he told KSL TV “we have nothing. And it’s getting to be a mystery.”

They are set to be married in September and Szabo is set to be the maid of honor.

“I know that this is happening, but my brain doesn’t want to believe that,” she said.

Szabo doesn’t want to speculate on their whereabouts or what may have happened to them, but she does remember having an unusual conversation with Boken a few days before they went missing.

“Last time I saw Ryan, he mentioned to me he was worried people were after him and that he wasn’t making his own decisions,” she said. “(Molly) was kind of worried that he was maybe taking his suspicions too far. She didn’t express that she was in danger or that we should call anyone or anything.”

Whatever the case, friends and family just want them back.

Bock’s family flew in from Arizona, and friends have been posting missing fliers around town, just hoping that someone, somewhere will see or hear something that can help bring their loved ones home.

“I hope you’re safe,” an emotional Szabo said to Bock and Boken through the KSL TV camera. “I love you both. And just please call us and come home.”

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