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Wednesday's Child: Kevyn
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Wednesday’s Child: Kevyn Hoping For A Brighter Future

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah –  Imagine going on television and talking about one of the most painful parts of your life.

Now, imagine doing it two times.

Today’s Wednesday’s Child is Kevyn. He is so determined to get adopted, he spoke with KSL TV again about his hopes and dreams for the future as well as the pain of living in foster care.

Sometimes stepping into a make believe world is exactly what a teenage boy wants.

“It just helps me see stories differently,” said Kevyn.

Kevyn is 14 years old and loves all things Dungeons and Dragons, magic, and gaming.

“I feel like it’s just part of me that likes stuff like this,” he said.

Wednesday's Child: Kevyn

Wednesday’s Child: Kevyn

“Stuff like this” usually means playing alone, but not today.

He’s being shown the ropes by someone with similar interests – an employee at a local gaming store. They even played a few friendly rounds against each other. Kevyn doesn’t have many friends.

“No, not really,” he said shyly.

It’s hard to make friends living in a world with so much uncertainty.

“I was pretty upset and annoyed, but things usually happen for a reason,” he said.

About three years ago, Kevyn entered foster care. KSL TV first introduced you to him in 2017

“My mom and dad don’t care about me because if they did, they would’ve stayed,” Kevyn told KSL in that first meeting.

Wednesday's Child: Kevyn

Wednesday’s Child: Kevyn

He didn’t expect to land in foster care.

“I was just hoping that something would pop up and I would be able to see a family that would be interested,” he said.

That family still hasn’t come along. Kevyn wants to be adopted — and feel wanted and loved.

“(I just want to feel) more like a person than an outcast,” he said. “I can’t really see into the future but I can tell (adoption) is going to happen.”

Kevyn is determined to not give up hope.

“It’s been hard recently, but I can manage it,” he said.

He’s just hoping the wait isn’t much longer.

To learn more about Kevyn or the many other children living in the Utah Foster Care system, contact The Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444 or at

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