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Safe in 60: Make Sure To Register Your Bike

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Hundreds of bikes are stolen each year, and very few make it back to their owners. But one easy step can increase your odds of getting yours back if it happens to you.

The numbers are stunning: 1,400 bicycles were reported stolen in Salt Lake City in 2017. Only 83 were returned to their owners.

Bicycles used within city limits are required to be registered. The information gathered during that licensing process is vital if your bicycle is lost or stolen.

All stores that sell bikes are required to provide you a registration form – you just need to ask. Or you can register your bike online for free.

You provide your serial number and a description of the bicycle, along with your contact information.

Registration is valid for as long as you own the bicycle, and it can be transferred if the bike is sold.

To prevent theft, remember: if you make the thief work for it, they are more likely to move on to an easier target. So get a good lock. U-locks work best. They are a lot harder to break than a cable lock.

Put the lock around the tire as well as the frame. And consider using two locks: One on the front tire and frame, and one on the back.

Park the bike in a well-exposed area that’s not too busy or too isolated, and if possible under a surveillance camera.

You can also buy a GPS locator to track your bike.

As you ride around this summer, don’t forget to be safe. Always wear your helmet, and use designated bike lanes where possible.

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