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Union Pacific’s ‘Big Boy,’ ‘Living Legend’ Meet Ahead of Golden Spike Anniversary

OGDEN, Utah — Union Pacific’s rails don’t go up to Promontory anymore, which is why you get the early celebration in Ogden. Organizers say the trains meeting today should be a reminder of how the railroad brought our country together, in more ways than one.

People who have never met, are meeting, talking and laughing together all over a love, for the steam engine. People like Tommie King, and John Martin.

“Yeah… we’re total strangers. And you’ve seen us… talking here all this time,” Martin said, laughing. “(The) train brings you together.”

“And I’m so glad to be here, because this is fantastic,” King added. “I’ve learned a lot today.”

If you know just a bit of history… you know it goes deeper than that.

The railroad unified our nation, when it was most divided — after the civil war.

“The railroad literally binds this country together,” Spike 150 Foundation Board Member Max Chang said. “And it takes so many different people of different races, beliefs, origins… to build this great country.”

Which is why each year, especially this one, you see reminders of what we built as a nation.

And both trains will remain here on display through Saturday.

They make their way together, back to Cheyenne, Wyoming on Sunday.

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