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Brothers Arrested For Alleged Attempted Kidnapping At Spanish Fork Park

SPANISH FORK, Utah — Two men were arrested on attempted kidnapping charges after approaching a 6-year-old boy at a Spanish Fork park.

Police say the incident happened around 8 p.m. Sunday in North Park at 1185 N. 400 E in Spanish Fork.

Andy Bird was there playing with his son, Maddox, and hunting Pokémon.

Bird told KSL TV two men pulled up in a minivan and sat in the parking lot for about 15 minutes. He said when he got just out of sight, one of the men got out and approached Maddox.

Maddox’s mom was watching from her car in the parking lot. She said she saw the man reach his arm out to Maddox. She called for her son and the 6-year-old ran to her.

She also called police and her husband.

“I ran up and I said what the heck you just tried to take my kid? I’m like, don’t even think about going anywhere. The cops are coming,” said Bird. “And I’m nose to nose with this guy and I’m furious.”

At that point the second man got out of the car and allegedly started to attack Bird.

“He shoves me back and as I go back then he reaches up and grabs me by the throat,” said Bird.

Bird fought back and kept the men there until police arrived. Officers said they knew exactly who they were.

“Officers are very well aware of both and have dealt with them on numerous, numerous occasions,” said Lt. Brandon Anderson.

The men were identified as 35-year-old Philip Jensen and his 37-year-old brother, John Jensen.

“I think they’ve both been dealing with some mental-type issues, homelessness (and drug issues),” said Lt. Anderson.

In just the past month or so, police said the brothers have approached kids on two other occasions.

In one instance, police said, a little girl was walking to school and the suspects tried to get her to get into their van, telling her they wanted to give her a bike.

Police said they didn’t arrest the Jensen brothers then because they didn’t force her into the van.

In the other case, police say the suspects approached two boys outside a church.

Bird said their history is extremely concerning.

“If they’re trying to take Maddox, how many other kids have they tried to take?” said Bird. “My fear is that these guys get let back out and they take another kid.”

Both suspects are now facing attempted kidnapping charges.

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