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Girl Defies Medical Professionals With Miraculous Recovery

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Months before she was born, Mimi Sorensen was diagnosed with several brain abnormalities. Since the moment she entered this world, took her first breath, and started to cry, Mimi has been defying the odds and proving medical professionals wrong.

“Miracle Baby” Mimi is nearly 2 years old. She was born with hydrocephalus – or water pressure in the brain – and another rare condition called rhombencephalosynapsis (RES), a midline fusion of the brain’s cerebellar hemispheres.

It was believed that she would either not survive – or survive only briefly – and without sight, hearing or mobility.

However, Mimi surprised everyone. She was born strong. She was treated by a team of neurosurgeons at Primary Children’s Hospital and is now thriving.

She’s a happy, curious, talkative child who loves books, animals, people, and giving kisses.

Her mother, Jacquelyn, takes her to TOSH to access Primary Children’s pediatric specialty therapy programs each week.

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